Disney Pirate Land & Sea Adventure

My Pandora Film Score station is HEAVILY slanted towards the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks, and every time I listen to it I want to plan a Disney trip, so I finally did it. I bring you a Walt Disney World vacation plan inspired by adventure movie soundtracks.

Stay at Caribbean Beach Resort, in the Pirate Story Rooms. Pirate rooms are awesome! They have two double beds with a pirate ship headboard, a pirate flag curtain to divide the bedroom from the vanity area (this is nice when you are sharing a room), night stands that look like barrels, an entertainment center that looks like a pile of crates, and lots of other pirate touches. The beds are AWESOME if you are fans of a firm mattress like we are. The pool at Caribbean Beach also has a Spanish fort and shipwreck theme.

Become a pirate! Join the Pirate's League and get a pirate makeover, costumes and photo, learn some swashbuckling skills, go on a hunt for loot, and then join the afternoon Adventureland Pirate Parade. Attention grownups: You are totally allowed to join Pirate's League. Get some eyeliner to go with that Captain Jack Sparrow hat. We did not do this, but we did see adults who got AMAZING makeup and then did the Pirates & Pals Fireworks Cruise later.

Ride Pirates of the Caribbean, of course, but don't forget about Captain Hook and Mr Smee! You can find them at Peter Pan's Flight, which is one of my favorite rides at WDW. A lot of people agree with me, so you may want to get a Fastpass. A note for grownups: those links will take you to Point of View videos on YouTube, which is a great way to show young and/or anxious children what the dark rides look like before they ride.

Explore on one of FOUR swashbuckling adventures!  Check out the Pirate Adventure website for descriptions of all the pirate cruises offered. All involve a treasure hunt and pirate stories, plus a snack and a drink. These are only for kids ages 4-12, so we did not get to participate.

At nighttime, check out the Pirates and Pals Fireworks Cruise with an amazing view of Wishes from Seven Seas Lagoon! Pirates & Pals starts out with a reception at Contemporary with snacks and drinks, and then the group is divided into two groups to go out on the lagoon in two boats. Our pirate leader was Patch, and we had THE BEST TIME. He is an amazing pirate, host, and entertainer, and hilarious. I am laughing all over again just typing this.

SAIL THE SEAS with 3 day Bahamian Cruise on the Disney Dream! It was amazing, and there is a pirate themed deck party that is SERIOUS BUSINESS. We had our dinky little ears, and were blown away by all the people who brought full costumes on a cruise! I guess it's the Disney version of a formal night.

So who is ready to try out a pirate themed vacation? If you'd like help planning any Disney vacation, you can email me anytime at beth@francethtravels.com!


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