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Drinking (and Snacking) Around the World at Epcot

When we got back from our Walt Disney World/Disney Cruise vacation a couple months ago, our friend Sarah commented on a picture that she wanted "a detailed accounting of everything we ate" on vacation. I wish that I had taken pictures of everything, because that is a challenge I would totally accept and vow to do it on the next trip! This year all I can give you is a detailed accounting of Drinking Around the World.
For those unfamiliar with Epcot park at Walt Disney World, there are two parts: Future World, with all kinds of attractions exploring science and technology (plus Coca Cola Club Cool, home of the infamous Beverly, which we did not partake in this year), and the World Showcase, which features shops and restaurants of 11 different countries. To me, Epcot is a vacation destination all by itself, and if I had unlimited frequent flyer miles, I would just spend long weekends at Swan or Dolphin hotels and take the Friendship Boat to Epcot every day.
There are ma…